Pimsleur French Review

If learning French is something you have always wanted to do then you should take a look at this Pimsleur French review. If you decide to follow the Pimsleur French program to learn French you will see that learning a new language can be much easier than you thought. The Pimsleur Approach is a program which has been designed in a manner that ensures you will pick up the language in as easy and quick of a manner as possible. One thing you should understand about this program is research went into the memorization process first and then the program was developed off of those findings.

How does this program work?

Once you make the decision to learn French and you receive your Pimsleur French program you can get started learning right away. The Quick and Simple program includes 4 CD’s that are geared for beginners. The Go Pimsleur program contains 4 CD’s, 1 MP3 CD, and an instructional book and it also teaches you the basics of the language. Then, there is the Basic program which will come to you with 5 CD’s and includes ten of the first lessons out of level one and goes more in depth with basic sentences. The Compact program comes to you with 5 CD’s and simple to follow reading instructions. There is also the Conversational program that contains 8 CD’s which includes the first sixteen lessons from the Comprehensive level 1; it goes in depth in a manner which will have you speaking fluent French. Finally, there is the Comprehensive program and it contains 16 CD’s and reading instructions and it is the program for those who are fully dedicated to conquering the language.

Who can make use the Pimsleur Approach program?

The way the Pimsleur French program has been broken down makes it a good choice of program for just about anyone. There are certain methods of learning that will help you pick up and remember things much faster and this program includes just those methods. One example of the ways in which this program has been designed to help you remember the information is the spacing of certain words. It has been proven that hearing certain words with a particular spacing actually helps you remember them and this program implements this in its instruction.

Why is Pimsleur French program different from others on the market?

The Pimsleur French program is put together in a manner that you will find to be interesting and this means you won’t become bored with it and give up before you complete it. The fact that it also implements strategies to help you remember what you hear means you learn more effectively than you would by using many of the other programs you will find on the market.


If you have been putting off learning French because you were under the assumption that it was going to be too difficult then you should really consider this program. As soon as it comes to you it will allow you to begin learning immediately.